The Full Disclosure

by Neco Redd




Remember: one man's trash is another woman's treasure.... so thanks to those who ever sat on or threw away something they felt had no value!

Thanks for holding me down over the years Tate McBroom of the Gorilla Funk Mob. Miss Nissa you are a force that can not be touched! You were always there when I needed you and always came thru in a clutch and for that I am forever grateful!!! My lil sister Boo, U are my Rock thank you for being that ole' bossy ass Leo. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to the limit and beyond!! Tony O you already know how i feel about you, FO LYFE! Dennis you hold my manz down and you hold me down every time I hit the west coast! Saxappeal u a bad man....nuff said! Big Ups to Chaka Rae.

To Nation, my divine compliment, without you none of this could have been executed the way that it was. You gave me what I needed and for that I am thankful, WE OUT CHEAH BABY! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER! You all were inspirations to me and will always be! The covers and originals are parts of a story that needed to be told and I thank you for your vocals, your time and your wisdom and your LOVE!!!
Peace n Blessings

Love always,
Neco Redd


released 18 October 2011

Performance, Lyrics, Melodies, Arrangements and original sound recordings by Neco Redd and Nation of Groverton Finch.

Additional Vocals: Toni Washington aka NAYLA CHILD, Tony Ozier aka DOOKIE GREEN, Dennis Dove, Blake Erie, Charnissa "T.C. Butts

Musicians: Saxappeal and his horn players and Nation from Groverton Finch.

All songs recorded at BeatsGalore Studios Portland OR, Lab Cab of Royal Oak MI, and DWNTN '81 HQ Studios Detroit, MI. Track Mixing by The Mad Genius and Tony Ozier.

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Track Name: Runaway(Angel)
You're an angel, you're a superstar that's what you are, once you believe you will go far, angel, so pickup your cross others follow because they know that you're not lost.
Track Name: Neco Redd Feat Miss Nissa and Nation of Groverton Finch - Xanadu
Take your time love, do what you wanna do, cus I'm here for you baby if you choose and when the time is right, I'm waiting in the nude, for our pleasure filled rendezvous, just me and you in xanadu...